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Energy Subsidies Black, Not Green

Posted by Dan On April 8th


energy subsidies black not green Energy Subsidies Black, Not GreenClick on Photo to Open as PDF
“Energy Subsidies Black, Not Green”

Fortunately, this information is from the past (2002-2008), and, in spite of the probability of it being pretty much the same today, the use of solar energy is growing very rapidly. Thankfully!


Do You Know What “Distributed Energy” Is?

Posted by Dan On March 25th

If you pay attention to energy issues, you might come across the term “distributed energy” (or several other closely related terms)… whose meaning may not be clear.

In fact, at first glance, you might think it means the opposite of what it actually is. I believe it’s an important issue, so I want to make sure you’re “in the know”.

Here’s Wikipedia’s definition:

Distributed generation, also called on-site generation, dispersed generation, embedded generation, decentralized generation, decentralized energy, distributed energy or district energy, [1] generates electricity from many small energy sources. Most countries generate electricity in large centralized facilities, such as fossil fuel (coal, gas powered), nuclear, large solar power plants or hydro-power plants. These plants have excellent economies of scale, but usually transmit electricity long distances and can negatively affect the environment. Distributed generation allows collection of energy from many sources and may give lower environmental impacts and improved security of supply.

In the 1980s, large, room-sized computers went through a transformation and became personal computers. In the 1990s, phones went through a transformation and became (personal) cell phones.

Now, large, centralized energy generation is transforming and will become distributed energy. As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, I like to call this “personal energy”.

Here’s a short video (7 minutes) that does a great job of explaining the importance of distributed energy.

Distributed energy increased 41% from 2012 to 2013… a very healthy trend. And this strong trend is expected to continue.

Fafco Solar provides distributed energy to home and business owners and this year, we are celebrating our 40th year in business!


Fafco Solar Celebrates a Milestone in 2014!

Posted by Dan On January 8th

2014 is a big year for Fafco Solar… it’s our 40th year in business!

To celebrate the occasion, I decided to join my technicians in the field each Friday. After sitting behind a desk for the better part of 30 years, it will be fun to go back to my roots… the roof tops. I’m calling it my “40 Fabulous Fridays in the Field having Fun with Fafco Solar’s Friends and Family” celebration.

I doubt I’ll be running around on the roof tops like I used to… (I just turned 60)… but I’ll look for some fun and interesting material to share with you… so stay tuned.

In the meantime, read how my father got started in the solar energy business in 1974… on our About page.

Screen Shot 2014 01 07 at 2.31.57 PM Fafco Solar Celebrates a Milestone in 2014!

Here we are installing one of our early Fafco solar pool heaters in December 1977. The first several hundred solar pool heaters were installed out of “The Blue Truck”.

Be Back Soon…

Two months ago, I wrote about Boulder, CO’s attempt to shift away from their fossil fuel focused corporate utility, Xcel Energy, and become a municipal-owned, clean energy focused utility.

On Nov 4, after Xcel Energy spent over $1m to convince the people of Boulder to vote against the clean energy plan, Boulder won.

See how Boulder took back their power in this short video:

And that’s how it’s gonna happen.
One by one… community by community… we’ll take back our power.
We’re ready when you are.

Learn more from our team at Fafco Solar on the best way to get started with solar energy.


If you’ve been following my recent blogs, you know I’m in love with “The Story of Stuff”. Well, I’m so happy to report they have a new… fresh-out-of-the-oven… video called “The Story of Solutions”… and it deserves to be watched by all sane people of the world. (That would be YOU.) So, give it a go and let me know what you think.

Fafco Solar invites you to play by your own rules and build a better world… one rooftop at a time.



In 2011, the City of Boulder (Colorado) voted to become a locally-owned municipal utility for the sole purpose of reducing its impact on the environment. They basically decided to replace dirty coal power with clean, renewable solar energy… and save a bunch of money in the process. Boulder was the first city in the country to take such a stand. Imagine if this kind of thinking catches on around the country. Imagine if the City of Cape Coral would take on LCEC! Wouldn’t that be something?!

Watch this real David vs Goliath story and see what Boulder is up against, now…

And let me know who’s side your on when it comes to renewable solar energy!


I found a yellow Post It note stuck to a page inside a two year old Ode magazine on which I wrote “REREAD” – “Energy Internet” Revolution.

Screen Shot 2013 09 03 at 2.29.48 PM Are You Ready for the Energy Internet Revolution?

I did and I’m glad. It was a great article… an edited excerpt from Jeremy Rifkin’s book, “Third Industrial Revolution”. Here’s a few quotes from the article:

Do You Understand “Cap and Trade”?

Posted by Dan On August 6th

If not… you’re not alone.

Ok… I confess… I’m hooked on “The Story of Stuff”… a fabulous web site by people that are dedicated to empowering people and creating a sustainable economy.

Anyway… here’s another informative short movie they created that reveals the underbelly of Cap and Trade. If you’ve heard of Cap and Trade, but aren’t sure how it works (or who benefits), this film is for YOU!

If you’re going to wait for others to solve the energy problem for you, you might be disappointed with their solution. Take matters into your own hands… empower yourself… free yourself…




Is America Broke?

Posted by Dan On July 15th

The answer is NO… and here’s why.

In case you missed it, a month ago I featured an excellent short video called “The Story of Stuff”.

Well, the same folks made another video called “The Story of Broke”.  It’s just GOOD stuff!! They have a knack for explaining complex issues in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

So, take an eight minute break and find out the real answer to the  question: “Is America broke?”. Check this out…

When you’re ready to build a better future with solar energy, contact Fafco Solar online or call us direct: 239-574-1500!



Answer: FPL.

Yup, our local utility, FPL, is the largest US producer of renewable energy. Not many people know that. One important item to keep in mind as you read the article below: NextEra Energy = FPL.

FAFCOFPL 500 Renewable Energy   Who is the Largest Producer in the US?

Ready to send a “Dear John” letter to your utility? Fafco Solar can help you fall in love with the sun!

(You can also read my Oct 2, 2009 blog for more about loving the sun.)