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Leonardo DiCaprio’s U.N. Climate Summit Speech

Posted by Dan On September 30th

In case you missed it…

Leonardo DiCaprio addressed world leaders at the UN Climate Summit last week with bold statements such as:

“We need to put a price tag on carbon emissions and eliminate government subsidies for oil, coal and gas companies.”

For more goodies like that, watch his whole 4 minute speech here:

It makes me happy and hopeful to see so many people understanding the problem, and more importantly, doing something about it… like marching in the streets of NYC.

The People's Climate March

And for extra credit, read what I wrote 14 years ago(!) regarding the same issue. http://www.gosolarenergyforlife.com/three-problems-with-oil/


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Climate Change – Memorial Day 2050

Posted by Dan On June 17th

I enjoyed these thoughts on climate change in the The New York Times that Thomas Friedman dug up a few weeks ago.

Climate Change

Hope you enjoy them, too.


Last year, I introduced you to “The Story of Stuff” in the following posts: Watch the “The Story of Stuff”Is America Broke?, Do You Understand “Cap and Trade”?, and “The Story of Solutions”.

Now I’d like to let “The Story of Stuff” introduce you to another leader: Lisa Hoyos, co-founder of ClimateParents.

In this audio clip, Lisa discusses what kids and parents can do to live in a kid-safe and climate-safe world.


If you want to “go solar” sooner, rather than later, read this well written article on how utilities are trying to slow the growth of rooftop solar energy around the nation. Understanding how utilities play their (dirty) games can help you decide how to vote for pro-solar candidates.

Here are a couple quick quotes from the article:

“They feel their (the utilities’) role is to send electrons to you and your role is to send money to them, and any change to that dynamic–like distributed solar generation–overturns that paradigm.”

“Last year, a new rooftop solar system was installed in the United States every four minutes… By 2016… a new rooftop solar system will go up every 83 seconds.”

“…by 2021, rooftop solar power will be as cheap as or cheaper than electricity from local utilities for half the U.S. population.”

“Driving this battle is the simple economic reality that once-expensive solar energy is now competitive with utility power in many parts of the country–and sometimes dramatically cheaper.”

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Florida Can Be Energy Independent

Posted by Dan On April 22nd

Back in 2010, when I first stated that Florida can be energy independent, the blog post wasn’t based on any research. It was just a personal opinion… a gut feeling.

But now, Mark Jacobson, a Stanford professor, has done some research and concurs. But even better, he believes EVERY STATE can be energy independent!

Check out this fascinating state by state plan on an interactive map at: TheSolutionsProject.org.

TheSolutions Projects

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Energy Subsidies Black, Not Green

Posted by Dan On April 8th


Energy Subsidies Click on Photo to Open as PDF
“Energy Subsidies Black, Not Green”

Fortunately, this information is from the past (2002-2008), and, in spite of the probability of it being pretty much the same today, the use of solar energy is growing very rapidly. Thankfully!


Do You Know What “Distributed Energy” Is?

Posted by Dan On March 25th

If you pay attention to energy issues, you might come across the term “distributed energy” (or several other closely related terms)… whose meaning may not be clear.

In fact, at first glance, you might think it means the opposite of what it actually is. I believe it’s an important issue, so I want to make sure you’re “in the know”.

Here’s Wikipedia’s definition:

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Friday #4 – “Turning On” a Solar Light

Posted by Dan On February 27th

Friday #4 of “40 Fabulous Fridays in the Field with Fafco Solar”…

We can talk about solar lights all we want, but no amount of talking compares to experiencing one. While she was home for her lunch break, this customer witnessed a solar light “turning on”. Her reaction is pretty typical. Enjoy!

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I want to make the significance of solar energy very clear…

Solar energy represents TWO major paradigm shifts taking place in the world, today.

Personal Energy Independence

The first shift is from fossil fuel to renewable energy. (… from bottom to top of diagram.)

The second shift is from corporate control to control by the individual. (…from left to right side of diagram.)

I like to call the result: “Personal Energy Independence”.

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Two months ago, I wrote about Boulder, CO’s attempt to shift away from their fossil fuel focused corporate utility, Xcel Energy, and become a municipal-owned, clean energy focused utility.

On Nov 4, after Xcel Energy spent over $1m to convince the people of Boulder to vote against the clean energy plan, Boulder won.

See how Boulder took back their power in this short video:

And that’s how it’s gonna happen.
One by one… community by community… we’ll take back our power.
We’re ready when you are.

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