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On March 28, Earth Policy Institute released interesting Data Highlights confirming US gasoline consumption has been on the decline since 2007.

Gasoline Comsumption

Some of the current trends supporting this:

  • A car fleet that is shrinking.
  • A general reduction in driving.
  • An improvement in fuel efficiency.

Times are changing. The younger generation is welcoming mass transit and car-sharing, and their time is spent cruising the Internet not the streets. The baby boomers are starting to retire and some are hanging up their keys.

Technology for vehicles is changing too! Fuel efficiency is improving. The day is already here where you can drive your car powered by the sun!

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Can We Get All Our Energy from Renewables?

Posted by Dan On March 29th

An interesting question, indeed – all of our energy from renewables.

Energy From Renewables

Everyone has opinions. Few have enough facts. Time will tell.

Can you think of any other time when groups of people said something was impossible… and then it happened?

Enlightening Facts:

1. Many studies confirm how the combination of renewable sources can truly meet our energy needs.

2. It makes it easier if we rethink what we employ renewable energy for and how it actually improves lives.

3. There are reports showing renewables, like the wind and solar, outpacing ordinary energy sources – in both investment money and capacity growth.

To find out more, read the entire post on: Focusing on Facts: Can We Get All of Our Energy From Renewables? Comment below to share your thoughts.

Let’s Make It Happen!

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Posted on EcoWatch last month, the Sierra Club has said they’re going to engage in peaceful civil disobedience for the first time in their 120 year history to stop the tar sands…

Sierra Club - Civil Disobedience


Learn how the Sierra Club, for the first time in its 120 year history, is ready to take it a step further!

The tide continues to turn, I’d love to hear your feedback below.













What’s the solution to climate change?

Posted by Dan On February 1st

The quote of the week is:

“The solution to climate change is energy policy.” ~ Sen. John Kerry

Climate Change

A week ago yesterday (January 24, 2012), Senator John Kerry secretary of state confirmation hearing, and started with the quote I posted above…

You can learn more by reviewing this EcoWatch post – I’d love to hear what you think about it – please comment below.

The tide is turning!


Happy New Year from Fafco Solar Energy!

Posted by Dan On January 14th

I hope you enjoyed my blog posts through 2012!

I just wanted to send you Happy New Year wishes for 2013, and thank everyone who made 2012 such a great year for us, too.

If there’s any way we can help you use the power of the sun to:

Be sure to let us know. ;)

Have a wonderful 2013, and I’ve got some great posts in mind – stay tuned!


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An Intelligent Vision of Our Energy Future!

Posted by Dan On September 30th

I really enjoy sharing intelligent visions of our energy future!  Especially where individuals are empowered!

Here’s a great article along those lines:

Smarter Grid Linking Solar Panels May Bypass Utilities






Just recently, I discovered some very interesting points from Ron Permick, Managing Director of Clean Energy Source, and co-author of the brand new book — Clean Tech Nation – How the US Can Lead in the Global New Economy.

In the book, Ron and Clint, make the case for a U.S. energy future built on renewables, responsible natural gas, and efficiency.

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50% of Germany Was Powered by Solar Energy!

Posted by Dan On August 31st

During one weekend this past May —

50% of Germany was powered by solar energy!

(Isn’t that inspiring?)

Read the full article here:

There’s no reason we can’t accomplish that, too… in the not-too-distant future… if we want to.

More and more people, here in Southwest Florida, are choosing to go solar for themselves each year.


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Back in my May 24th blog, I recommended having a Personal 10-Year Energy Independence Plan.

In my post I stated –

“One important aspect of this 10-year plan would be to know that you don’t know what’s around the corner.”

Well, here’s something that falls into that category: wind energy from kites.

Who would have guessed? (Not me!)

Check out what the Delft Technical University in the Netherlands is developing with a kite.

And here’s a video of their project:

This may not be something that you would want in your back yard, but my point remains the same: you don’t know what’s around the corner!

I’ll let you know if I see anything else interesting.



Wow!  2 weeks ago marked 30 years since my father (he founded our company) passed away…

Me, my son, Ian, and my dad, Ward in early 1982 (he passed away June 13, 1982)

I recently came across a 1981 letter written by John O’Lear, the President of FAFCO, Inc. to Zig Ziglar about my father. It is a wonderful tribute to my father’s love of solar energy.

Here’s an example of my father’s unconventional sales techniques…

My father loved to introduce prospects to one of their neighbors, who was also a customer of ours. If you were interested in a solar pool heater, halfway into his presentation, he would say “Come on, let me introduce you to one of your neighbors and we’ll show you how the system works!”

So, into the back of his 1980 Checker Marathon you and your significant other would climb and he would chauffeur you over to the neighbor/customer. His Marathon was the same car that was a popular cab in NYC in the 60’s. There was a lot of room in the back seat… enough for five people! Everyone had a lot of fun with that… and it usually resulted in another happy customer!

A side note: I remember when he first bought the car, he wanted me to install a rack for his ladder on top of the car. I felt so uncomfortable with the idea of drilling a hole in the roof of his brand new car, I refused to do it … so he took the drill and did it himself.

Here’s a photo of my father’s Checker Marathon at our store in Cape Coral over 30 years ago:


Also, here’s the cover letter that John, who wrote letter above, sent to Zig Ziglar, too:

How cool!

– Dan