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An Intelligent Vision of Our Energy Future!

Posted by Dan On September 30th

I really enjoy sharing intelligent visions of our energy future!  Especially where individuals are empowered!

Here’s a great article along those lines:

Smarter Grid Linking Solar Panels May Bypass Utilities 500x132 An Intelligent Vision of Our Energy Future!

Smarter Grid Linking Solar Panels May Bypass Utilities






Just recently, I discovered some very interesting points from Ron Permick, Managing Director of Clean Energy Source, and co-author of the brand new book – Clean Tech Nation – How the US Can Lead in the Global New Economy.

Clean Tech Nation Book 250x350 Three Energy Pillars   Renewables, Natural Gas, and Efficiency

In the book, Ron and Clint, make the case for a U.S. energy future built on renewables, responsible natural gas, and efficiency.

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50% of Germany Was Powered by Solar Energy!

Posted by Dan On August 31st

During one weekend this past May –

50% of Germany was powered by solar energy!

(Isn’t that inspiring?)

Read the full article here:

Solar Energy 50 percent of Germany powered in a weekend 470x350 50% of Germany Was Powered by Solar Energy!

There’s no reason we can’t accomplish that, too… in the not-too-distant future… if we want to.

More and more people, here in Southwest Florida, are choosing to go solar for themselves each year.


If you’d like to learn how my company, Fafco Solar, can help you use the power the sun provides — be sure to visit our website at: www.FafcoSolar.com!


Back in my May 24th blog, I recommended having a Personal 10-Year Energy Independence Plan.

In my post I stated -

“One important aspect of this 10-year plan would be to know that you don’t know what’s around the corner.”

Well, here’s something that falls into that category: wind energy from kites.

Who would have guessed? (Not me!)

Check out what the Delft Technical University in the Netherlands is developing with a kite.

And here’s a video of their project:

This may not be something that you would want in your back yard, but my point remains the same: you don’t know what’s around the corner!

I’ll let you know if I see anything else interesting.



Wow!  2 weeks ago marked 30 years since my father (he founded our company) passed away…

3 Generations of Morrisseys Early 1982 444x350 Solar Energy   30 Years Later, the Passion Lives!

Me, my son, Ian, and my dad, Ward in early 1982 (he passed away June 13, 1982)

I recently came across a 1981 letter written by John O’Lear, the President of FAFCO, Inc. to Zig Ziglar about my father. It is a wonderful tribute to my father’s love of solar energy.

Greatest Salesman Ward Morrissey Fafco Solar Enery Cape Coral Fort Myers Naples1 Solar Energy   30 Years Later, the Passion Lives!

Here’s an example of my father’s unconventional sales techniques…

My father loved to introduce prospects to one of their neighbors, who was also a customer of ours. If you were interested in a solar pool heater, halfway into his presentation, he would say “Come on, let me introduce you to one of your neighbors and we’ll show you how the system works!”

So, into the back of his 1980 Checker Marathon you and your significant other would climb and he would chauffeur you over to the neighbor/customer. His Marathon was the same car that was a popular cab in NYC in the 60′s. There was a lot of room in the back seat… enough for five people! Everyone had a lot of fun with that… and it usually resulted in another happy customer!

A side note: I remember when he first bought the car, he wanted me to install a rack for his ladder on top of the car. I felt so uncomfortable with the idea of drilling a hole in the roof of his brand new car, I refused to do it … so he took the drill and did it himself.

Here’s a photo of my father’s Checker Marathon at our store in Cape Coral over 30 years ago:

Checker Marathon 1980 Fafco Solar 500x292 Solar Energy   30 Years Later, the Passion Lives!


Also, here’s the cover letter that John, who wrote letter above, sent to Zig Ziglar, too:

Zig Ziglar Letter Fafco Solar Energy Cape Coral Fort Myers Naples Solar Energy   30 Years Later, the Passion Lives!

How cool!

- Dan

Solar Power Energy – What’s the delay?

Posted by Dan On June 6th

If personal energy independence is important to you, I think it is appropriate (being an election year) to hear this message, again.  So I’ve reposted my February 4, 2010 post on the topic.  Enjoy!  -Dan

A question that I hear quite frequently regarding solar power energy, is…

Solar Power Energy Solar Power Energy   Whats the delay?

What’s the delay?

Why is the transition to the ‘new energy economy’ taking so long?

trans Solar Power Energy   Whats the delay?Back in October of last year, I covered “The Most Common Question About Solar Energy” which is definitely related to this topic (be sure to check it out!)

Anyhow, I just read this article in the January/February 2010 issue of Solar Today, and I wanted to share it with you, you can read it online, or below.

If there’s anything I, or my team at Fafco Solar, can do to help you, please contact us, or give us a call at (239) 574-1500.

Have a great day,


Screen shot 2010 02 04 at 4.34.17 PM Solar Power Energy   Whats the delay?

I recommend having a personal 10-year energy independence plan.

One important aspect of this 10-year plan would be to know that you don’t know what’s around the corner.
There is a lot of research and development going on now around energy that we don’t know anything about, so, in 5 years, say, there could be a new piece of the energy puzzle that comes into play.

For example – I just learned about methane ice:

 Have a Personal 10 Year Energy Independence Plan   Part 1 of 2

In Ode magazine (Mar/Apr 2012) Sam Rosenzweig writes,

“More energy is trapped in methane ice than all other fossil fuels combined… which produces 40% less CO2 than oil and coal.”


That’s an interesting bit of information. He goes on to write,

“Japan plans to be the first nation to conduct an offshore methane production test and hopes to supply methane-derived energy commercially by 2018.”

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of other energy ideas being worked on and developed right now that you and I don’t have a clue about.

Isn’t that great?

In the meantime, until these new ideas are developed and are available to us, there are many things you can do right now to get started with your own personal energy independence….

In my next post, I’ll review how I’m 5 years into my own 10 Year energy plan! Stay tuned!

- Dan

Deepwater Horizon – Lessons Learned

Posted by Dan On May 3rd

 Deepwater Horizon Lessons Learned 500x307 Deepwater Horizon – Lessons Learned

“It’s as if it never happened.” 
Dr. Frank Alcock, Senior Fellow, Collins Center for Public Policy, referring to public opinion about drilling in the Gulf of Mexico two years after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in April, 2010.
The Deepwater Horizon explosion was the worst offshore oil spill in U. S. history:
  • 11 people died, and 17 were injured (I wonder: how many total people were on the rig, i.e. how many people didn’t get hurt?)
  • It took 86 days to cap the well, and another 66 days to permanently seal it.
  • Barrels of oil leaked: 50,000 to 65,000 barrels a day… total: ~4.9 million.
  • Over 2 million gallons of chemical dispersant used.
  • Economic damage: $40 to $60 billion (I wonder: does “damage” mean “lost”? If so, who paid and how much? BP? The public?)
  • Environmental damage: too early to say (Again, who is going to pay and how much will it be?)
If you have a moment, read Dr Frank Alcock’s insightful paper “Deepwater Horizon: Lessons Learned“, and you can also learn more about the Collins Center, too.
Here’s some of my related blog posts since the event, as well:

Last December, the Earth Policy Institute shared how fast…

Solar Water and Space Heating Area Per Person 2009 Solar Water Heater Proliferation around the World!

…rooftop solar water heaters are being installed around the world!

This is great news, and very inspiring for us in the USA, and even those here in Southwest Florida!

Practically every home in the US has a water heater.  Water heaters work continuously to keep the water they contain hot, and using the power of the sun is not only environmentally friendly, it reduces your energy bills, adds value to your home, AND extends the life of your hot water tank (they dramatically reduce scaling!)

Be sure to learn more about our solar water heater solutions, and how you can start saving while helping protect our environment!  If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (239) 574-1500.

The Earth Policy Institute article reviews how:

  • China is leading the world – with nearly two thirds of the world’s solar thermal collectors installed.
  • Europe, where energy costs are relatively high, rooftop solar water heaters are spreading fast,
  • the US rooftop solar water heating industry is a historically concentrated niche market,
  • solar water and space heaters in Europe and China often pay for themselves in less than 10 years.
and you can read it in its entirety at “Harnessing the Sun’s Energy for Water and Space Heating“.

Light Your (reinvented) Fire

Posted by Dan On January 27th

“Imagine fuel without fear. No climate change. No oil spills, dead coal miners, dirty air, devastated lands, lost wildlife. No energy poverty. No oil-fed wars, tyrannies, or terrorists. Nothing to run out. Nothing to cut off. Nothing to worry about. Just energy abundance, benign and affordable, for all, for ever.”

Wow! These are the opening lines to the preface of “Reinventing Fire”, the latest book from Amory Lovins and his team at Rocky Mountain Institute –

Reinventing Fire Solar and Renewable Energy Solutions 291x350 Light Your (reinvented) Fire

To me, the key word here is “imagine”.

Reread the lines and feel what it would be like to live in such a world.

It’s coming. 

I know it is.

I’ve made it my mission to make it happen. (I hope that makes you feel as good as it makes me feel.)

I’ll be sharing more quotes from this inspiring book with you in the future, but, in the mean time, if you want to light your own fire, I suggest you get cozy with your own copy… or better yet!… Connect with www.fafcosolar.com to learn how Fafco Solar can light your (reinvented) fire!

- Dan

PS – If you have a moment – be sure to watch this very inspirational video as well: