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Some electric utility companies are just plain foolish… such as this one in New Mexico. It may be wise for Floridians to keep an eye on energy battles in other states… we may be fighting similar battles here, soon.

Read about New Mexico’s major crossroads when it comes to coal and planning their energy future, in the article below.

Would you like to help the Floridians for Solar Choice get Florida on the fast track to solar energy? Join us by signing the Constitutional Amendment Petition.


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2014 Was Best Year for Solar Energy, So Far

Posted by Dan On March 10th

Solar energy is growing fast in the United States. In fact, last year solar energy grew by 42%. It was the best year solar ever had, so far. Read more about the story here.

2014 Was the Best Year for Solar Ever

Now, if we could just get Florida on board!

Going Solar in the Sunshine State

Florida needs help. Utilities want to slow roof-top solar’s growth. Sign the petition to get Florida on the solar fast track.


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Wow! Why is that?

It’s hard to believe, but Florida utilities would have you believe solar energy is a bad thing. In contrast Georgia utilities “see solar as a friend.” Read more.

solar energy
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The Overview Effect

Posted by Dan On January 13th

Ok… see if you can connect the dots between astronauts who have looked back at earth from space… and solar energy.

Edgar Mitchell gives the answer about 14 and a half minutes into this short film… the “Overview Effect”.

The Overview Effect                           Planetary Collective – Overview

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Why the Net Metering Debate Misses the Point

Posted by Dan On December 17th

This article reveals problems hidden within the current way utilities price electricity to their customers.

Net Metering

It’s another “big picture” perspective from the folks at Rocky Mountain Institute. Read the entire article for more about net metering and retail electricity pricing.

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Divest from Fossil Fuels

Posted by Dan On November 25th

One thing you CAN do to help create a more sustainable world… don’t give them your money. Check out Go Fossil Free.

Divest from Fossil Fuels

And here’s a good article about the movement to divest from fossil fuels from Mother Earth News: Fossil Fuel Divestment: A Growing Movement.

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Two and half years ago, Bill McKibben wrote an article called “The Great Carbon Bubble: Why the Fossil Fuel Industry Fights So Hard”.  It’s still a good read.  Check it out.

Carbon Bubble

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s U.N. Climate Summit Speech

Posted by Dan On September 30th

In case you missed it…

Leonardo DiCaprio addressed world leaders at the UN Climate Summit last week with bold statements such as:

“We need to put a price tag on carbon emissions and eliminate government subsidies for oil, coal and gas companies.”

For more goodies like that, watch his whole 4 minute speech here:

It makes me happy and hopeful to see so many people understanding the problem, and more importantly, doing something about it… like marching in the streets of NYC.

The People's Climate March

And for extra credit, read what I wrote 14 years ago(!) regarding the same issue. http://www.gosolarenergyforlife.com/three-problems-with-oil/


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Big Bank Believes in Solar Energy

Posted by Dan On September 2nd

Solar energy is growing faster than most people realize but for some “strange reason” (read: fear of disrupting the existing power structure), solar energy isn’t getting the media exposure it deserves. I see evidence everyday of a skyrocketing switch to a renewable energy economy. Here’s another article to that effect.

Solar Energy


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Electric Grid Improved by Solar Energy

Posted by Dan On August 19th

Germany is a world leader not only in implementing renewable energy, but also in the reliability of it’s electric grid. Just in case you’ve heard talk about solar and wind energy being unreliable, Germany has one of the most reliable electric grids in the world… far better than the USA’s… thanks in part to solar and wind.

Read the whole story here in the Climate Progress.

Electric Grid


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